Best Hotels in Texas- Hotel Emma San Antonio

Hotel Emma is a gorgeously structured hotel with 146 rooms as well as seven top-floor suites. It has lots of amenities including a club room, a bar, a restaurant, a canteen vending fine foods, and public relaxation spaces. Besides, the hotel’s historical elements make it attractive to its visitors.


The hotel’s suites have amazing features like private dining areas, vaulted ceilings, amazing stonework, and two-story terraces. Additionally, custom-designed furniture, as well as creating artwork, completes the fine appearance of the Hotel Emma.


With lots of amenities in Hotel Emma, comfort, friendliness, and pleasure are guaranteed. Locally-sourced furniture in this hotel will captivate much of your attention.

Rooftop Pool

Visitors can bask on the sunny clay-tiled rooftop pool. Beautiful shades of chic cabanas where visitors enjoy cooling drinks are available in Hotel Emma’s rooftop pool. The hotel has a reputation for preparing amazing refreshments.

Fitness Center

A fitness center was established in Hotel Emma’s third floor to ensure its visitors receive body fitness services during their visits. Those who would like to go for a gym in a guesthouse will benefit a lot due to experienced and friendly gym instructors in this hotel. Enclosed by glass walls, natural light penetrates the fitness room flawlessly. Besides, you will grasp a view of verdant treetops as well as the meandering river while conducting your fitness. The fitness center has a wide range of weight training equipment that suits different types and levels of fitness training.

The Library

A 3,700-volume library is available in Brewhouse’s vaulted section. You will enjoy lots of book collections including Sherry Wagner’s novels. The library is equipped with club chairs as well as colorful lighting designed which makes its surrounding environment look very attractive.


A collection of cultural jewelry offers visitors and locals well-designed and decorated treasures. From postcard collections to custom-designed guayaberas, Hotel Emma’s Curio brings to light a unique point of view in South Texas.

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