Best Cars for Teens At The Moment

Anyone who wants to buy a car is always determined to get a good car. Parents should be careful whenever they want to purchase cars for teens. This is because teenagers are likely to cause accidents than adults due to inexperience and excitement while driving. Besides, every parent wants to buy their teen a car that complies with traffic and operates smoothly. With features like street lane sensors, autonomous parking, and blind-spot detectors, these cars are safe and reasonable for your teens to drive on the road.

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1. Lexus Es


best cars for teens
The Lexus ES is a luxurious car with stylish and comfortable interiors. Their steering wheel is wrapped with fine leather while their leg and shoulder area give the teenagers a relaxing experience while driving. It has a superb gas mileage, as well as high safety standards and their bells and whistles, make them amazing cars for teens.

2. Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen Jetta offers a variety of safety technology, driving assistance systems, reliability, and easily navigable options.  Apart from Safety, Jetta offers an incredible gas mileage, which Volkswagen company continues to modify, improve and upgrade.

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3. Chevrolet Camaro

Being a muscle car with a sport-car design, Chevrolet Camaro can travel fast and safely too. Although it looks like a Sports Car, the Camaro was not made to race, but it comes with safety features that make it one of the safest cars for teens. It’s gas mileage is amazing too making it a reliable car for teens.

4. Toyota Prius

For teens that fall in love with a hybrid car, Toyota Prius is an ideal option. Its electric option gives it a good gas mileage and besides, the Prius has a safe and steadfast car package system. Other features available in Toyota Prius include Automatic High Beams, Pre-Collision System, Pedestrian Detection and Dynamic Cruise Control. Generally, this is a very reliable and user-friendly vehicle that is perfect for teenagers.

5. Toyota Corolla

When you hear about Toyota Corolla, the first impression that comes to your mind is fuel efficiency. Most parents prefer fuel-efficient cars for their teens because they would like to save money for other activities. Although it has a less-powerful and lackluster engine, Toyota Corolla is good for your budget especially teens who depend on much of your income. Luckily, latest Toyota Corolla is available in a hatchback making it an ideal car for teens.

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6. Mazda3

Nothing beats great comfort every time you are traveling on a car. If a car is not comfortable, you won’t feel good when driving, and sitting in your car for long hours may tend to be boring. Mazda 3 is designed to offer comfort to both the driver and passengers. Apart from its reliable safety features, the brand has a spacious and elegant interior. Airbags, whiplash, 3-point safety belt makes this car safest to travel with. Amazingly, the Mazda 3 model is available at a relatively cheaper price, thus making it a suitable car for teens.

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7. Honda Accord

Honda Accord is well known around the globe for its durability. Since it was launched four decades ago, the Accord has been a sensational car, winning lots of drivers and car lovers by being an outstanding car in the automotive industry. This car can be driven by anyone and is ideal for teenagers too.

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