Best Small Cars in 2019


Nowadays, small cars are becoming a popular means of transport for singles and small families. This is because they cost less, and have excellent handling than their larger counterparts. Of late, vehicle manufacturers are including several exciting standard features in small cars.  These features range from safety technology, infotainment systems to navigation technology. Below are the best small cars in 2019.


1.     Chevrolet Cruze

best small cars

Nothing seems enjoyable like driving a sporty-stylish car with excellent balance as well as practical comfort. Available as sedan and hatchback, drivers always enjoy Chevrolet Cruze drive. It has 6 trim options which include base L, LT, LS, Premier and LT Diesel. It comes with standard features which include Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone integration, Wi-Fi hotspot, 7-inch touchscreen as well as a rearview camera.

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2.     Nissan Versa

best small cars

When it comes to interior comfort, the Nissan Versa is top-notch. It has a spacious cabin thus ensuring both the driver and passengers get comfortable seating without straining their legs and head to fit into the car. And when you fold down their rear seats, you’ll have a space of approximately 14.8 cubic feet for storing your cargo.

3.     Kia Soul

best small cars

With its unique design, the Kia Soul will draw much of your attention. Many people find it difficult to classify this car because it partially looks like a sedan and partially like a tiny SUV. This is because of its boxy design and hatchback style. A spacious interior, consisting of 60/40 folding seats is admired by many drivers. You can easily expand its storage space from 19 to 61 cubic feet, meaning you can adjust the interior to a large storage space for your cargo. When its seats are intact, the Kia Soul will give you plenty of space enough for five people.

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4.     Kia Forte

Although the Kia Forte edition may look small, it’s among the few versatile cars available around the world. This small car is available in three modes; as a coupe, sedan, and hatchback to suit your preferences. Besides, each model comes in different trim options. Bluetooth connectivity, power accessories, as well as heated mirrors, are among the Standard features which are available in Kia Forte. Even with its small size, spacious cabin and cargo capacity makes it a car of its class.


5.     Mazda3

best small cars

The Mazda 3 has a sleek as well as sporty style and comes in a hatchback and a sedan style. Its sport trim is admired by many drivers. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, 7-inch touchscreen display, smartphone integration, and 16-inch wheels. Furthermore, the Mazda3 is available in two engine options which include a powerful 2.5L engine as well as a 2.0L four-cylinder.

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