8 best tuner cars ranked in 2019

When a new car is launched after years of projection, designing, and testing, many drivers are yearning to experience what the car offers.

At some point, some would like to add a sophisticated sheet metal or a fine-tuned engine to their car. Nowadays, with money, patience, and knowledge, you can easily modify any car according to your preference. Some will look perfect, elegant and stylish after enhancements than others. So, in this post, we’ve listed 8 best tuner cars you should start assembling parts now.

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1.      Honda Civic

Honda Civic is an inexpensive, all-around, and trustworthy car which works just as well for both experienced and beginner drivers. There are many brands of aftermarket companies which are compatible with the plucky compact. As a result, you can design any type of Civic model you prefer, be it a showpiece, a drag racer or an autocrosser.

2.      Mazda Mx-5 Miata

best tuner cars
Although it may have a toy appearance, the Miata MX-5 series just amazing like any other small sports car. It has good handling, light in weight has an excellent rear-wheel drive, and its price is reasonable. The Mazda MX-5 Miata can also be easily modified for various uses. You can enjoy amazing crash helmets, roll cages as well as duct tape.

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3.      Toyota Supra

Although Toyota isn’t focused on designing automotive excitement models, cars like the Supra are proofing that the company has turned a little emphasis on performance cars. Toyota Supra variants are very popular around the globe due to their sensual styling as well as wild engines. Their engines can easily be upgraded to produce incredible power.

4.      Volkswagen Golf

best tuner cars

With GTI help, Volkswagen Golf boasts of its Euro-themed tuning with is vibrant like many sports cars. It is compatible with a huge collection of aftermarket parts, thus making it an admirable car by many people. You can easily tune any Golf generation, from the 1970s model to the current models available in the marketplace.

5.      Mazda Rx-7

best tuner cars
The RX-7 uses a Wankel-type 13B engine which powers it flawlessly. It offers incredible smoothness on the road and a reliable horsepower potential. Because of its compatibility with several aftermarket parts, you can easily find quad-rotor for RX-7 models with horsepower more than 800 hp.

6.      Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

best tuner cars

Although most Mitsubishi models are no longer launched by the company, the Lancer Evolution which was highly popular in the 1990s is still admired by many drivers around the globe. This is because many car racers won races in competitions such as the World Rally Championship (WRC) with this legendary model. Features such as sophisticated four-wheel drive and modifiable turbocharged engines make these models a favorite among drivers who spend most of their time on the road.

7.      Subaru Impreza Wrx

best tuner cars
Despite being ordinary compact cars, Subaru WRX models have been modified into sports cars. A four-wheel turbocharged engine makes it an excellent rally machine. They can be turned into a sedan or a hatchback body. Their practical experience makes them regarded as one of the top performance cars. Parts from various aftermarket sellers, when put together, will give you a supercar with greater horsepower.

8.      Ford Mustang

Since the first model was built more than five decades ago, Ford Mustang has been a favorite for car racers as well as drivers who love sports cars. It comes with easily tunable four-cylinder turbocharged engines as well as Shelby models which increases its appeal.

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