How to Safely Purchase a Car on eBay Motors Using Auction-Style Format


eBay Motors is becoming a renowned online shopping venue for customers due to its user-friendly platform. Buying cars on eBay Motors can be done successfully using two ways; Auction Style Listings as well as Buy it Now subscriptions. For you to buy a car using Auction-style formats, you need to place a bid on the vehicle that you find it attractive to buy. Below are some steps you have to follow when purchasing a car on eBay using Auction-Style Format.


Before you think of buying a car online, you need a Computer or laptop as well as an internet connection. It is very important to thoroughly research on vehicle listings before you place a bid on the vehicle you are interested in. In addition, review the sellers’ reputation as well as performance history to ensure you don’t bid on those who have a negative history from previous buyers.

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Step 1: Determine your budget.

First, decide on which type of car you want to buy and how much do you have in your pocket or how much you want to spend. Before you bid, figure out the amount you’ll place in your maximum bid and don’t bid more than that amount.

Step 2: Review seller feedback profile.

Review the history of the seller you want to bid on. You can take a look at their feedback profile to see the comments and feedback they have received from various buyers. This will give you a broad overview of the seller’s experience with different buyers. When going through seller feedback, try to consider sellers with high feedback percentage.

Step 3: Research your listings.

The next step is to research the cars that you would like to buy on eBay motors. Fortunately, car sellers always list the identification numbers of their vehicles since the Vehicle Identification Number is mandatory in vehicle description for all vehicles sold on eBay motors. This enables you to draw analysis on the vehicle’s history, although many listed vehicles have a free car history report.

Step 4: Place a bid.

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When bidding, place the maximum amount of money you want to buy a car with. Using a pre-determined increment bidding system, eBay motors place your amount automatically till it reaches your maximum bid. If the amount lower than the maximum bid is accepted, then that is what you will pay. If not accepted, the car is then released to other bidders. If another buyer surpasses your maximum bid, you can top up your maximum bid if you are interested in that vehicle.

Step 5: Buy the car.

Once your bid is successfully accepted, you can now complete the purchasing process. First, you have to pay the seller. This can be done by negotiating on payment method with the seller. After making payments, you can now organize for delivery together with the seller although the buyer plays the most part when it comes to shipping the product. In some cases, the seller possibly will offer shipment option or decide to pay for shipment. Regardless of the method, you’ll use for shipment on eBay motors, the car will reach you safely since the shipment details are mentioned in the vehicle’s description. Lastly, you’re required to pay taxes and transfer the vehicle’s title. This is done by contacting your Motor Vehicle’ states Department to know all the requirements needed for you to acquire the vehicle’s title.

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During your buying process, avoid motor sellers who try to convince you to make payments through MoneyGram or Western Union. Probably, these types of sellers are attempting to scam buyers and walk away with their money.

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