Best Cars To Drive In Winter.

If you’re thinking to buy a new car, there are a number of factors you’ll want to consider. Such factors may include extra safety, flexibility, durability and among many other factors. Different cars are manufactured to suit different conditions; some perform well in flood-prone areas, while others perform exceptionally in sandy terrain. However, not all cars will maneuver easily in areas subjected to snowfall as well as extreme cold.
In this article, we’ve listed 5 vehicles with perfect handling in the snow in addition to comfort features and high safety scores. These are the best cars to drive in winter.

Subaru Crosstrek.

The 2018 Crosstrek will make you reach any destination irrespective of the weather. Since it’s a Four -wheel drive, Subaru Crosstrek will tolerate all kinds of disgusting weather, and its extra ground clearance will do away with any obstacle such as snow on the road. Its all-new Impreza body shell is a reason behind its extra solid foundation than other models in the market. Besides, this well-executed car comes with a stunning design, and a spacious interior, thus making it one of the best cars to drive in winter.

Volvo V90.

Apart from being one of the best luxury cars for families, the Volvo V90 is rated as one of the best cars to drive in winter. The station wagon comes with SUV-like styling, taller riding heights, and plastic body. Being an exceptional all-wheel drive, the Cross Country is suitable for driving in winters.
Other amazing features available in this family car include an ergonomic interior with first-class materials, as well as a sophisticated touchscreen display. This All-wheel drive model comes with a turbocharged 2.0-liter generating up to 316 hp which gives it a powerful ride in extremely snowy roads.

Tesla Model X.

Tesla Model X is the only electric car that comes with four-wheel drive. The dual-motor four-wheel drive system makes this car suitable for all-weather traction. Other features available in this car include roof-hinged doors, a wide panoramic windshield, as well as 17-inch touchscreen. It offers a range of about 237 to 295 miles, thus drivers can drive for long distances regardless of the weather.
Another excellent feature available in Tesla Model X is the Tesla network, a Supercharger stations platform which drivers can access to boost their winter trips.

Subaru WRX.

If you are looking for a great performance car that unfriendly weather can’t stop, Subaru WRX Is arguably the best to try out. This car has been tested and proven to perform well in slippery conditions. Its four-wheel drive engine will move well in snowy terrains without experiencing any difficulty. Another outstanding feature that makes Subaru WRX among the best cars to drive in winter is the Torque Vectoring. This feature directs power side-to-side, thus helping the car to turn easily in sharp corners filled with snow.

Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The Grand Cherokee is a four-wheel drive that comes with Quadra-Drive II system which can transmit all of the car engine’s power from all wheels to one wheel. The Selec-Terrain system has five drive options which include Auto, Mud, Snow, Sand, as well as Rock. These options can be adjusted to suit different kinds of terrain.
With this technology, you are guaranteed a safe and comfortable drive on any snow-covered road. For anyone looking for a large SUV with adequate space, topnotch comforts, as well as tech features, Jeep Grand Cherokee is definitely the best choice to try out.

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