Best Electric Cars Currently On Market.

Some years ago, driving an electric car appeared unimaginable to most people around the globe. Technological improvements, as well as advancements in the car manufacture industry, have made electric cars popular amongst many drivers. Most of the promising electric cars are still under the manufacturing and testing process in various renowned car companies, but there are lots of successful ones on the market. Below are some of the best electric cars currently on the market.

Jaguar i-Pace Electric Car

This first all-electric Jaguar was launched at the Geneva motor show in 2018. It has a design that is well-suited top F-Pace and E-Pace, although it comes with an additional electric twist. Under the car’s bonnet, there is an electrical mechanism that lets you ride without spending much on fuel bills apart from giving you an amazing driving experience. The i-Pace steers and moves like any other fuel vehicle, but will definitely save the money you spend when fueling your car.

2018 Nissan Leaf Electric Car

Priced at around $30k, the 2018 Nissan Leaf uses mechanicals of previous models but comes with an improved battery technology to give the model a superior Nissan family look. The hatchback can cover a distance of approximately 200 miles once it’s fully charged. Although its interior looks quite unappealing, the 2018 Nissan leaf is unquestionably a suitable electric car for families. With this hatchback, you can spend as little as $15 when covering a long-range distance of approximately 400 miles.

Hyundai Kona Electric Car

Being a new electric car in the auto industry, Hyundai Kona is arguably among the most sophisticated EVs on the market at the moment. It comes with a large 64kWh battery which when fully charged, can power up the car for the approximately 292-mile range. This electric cars’ performance is surely amazing, as you can travel for over 200 miles without recharging its battery. Expect to cash out around $35,000 for this electric car with crossover body style.

Tesla Model S Electric car

The Tesla Model S is a well-designed electric car that comes with an amazing EV style. It has a powerful battery which fully when charged, can cover a range of about 300 miles. This saloon comes with plenty of space enough for five people, a completely flat surface for back-seat passengers and in addition, there are a number of bench seats available in the saloon’s boot for short-haul voyages.

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